I trained at Munster Technological University (formerly CIT) and I am a member of IACAT– Irish Association of Creative Art Therapists. I’m delighted to be able to offer this service in my hometown of Clonmel. 


What is Art Therapy?

On my social media ( @arttherapybycarmelbehan ) I share helpful images and info about Art Therapy that explain it simply. Art Therapy is a mental health intervention that uses creative mediums as a means of expression to assist in the processing and understanding of emotions. Art therapy aims to improve mental health, aid in emotional well-being, and build resilience. It is suitable for all ages and abilities. Using art mediums such as paint, clay, and collage the client explores their emotions in a safe and nonjudgemental space. It can address a range of issues such as self-esteem, trauma, grief, anxiety, and relationship issues.


Art Therapy sessions are confidential. Information from the sessions will not be shared with outside parties unless there is a safety concern. Parents are required to sign a consent form for their children to take part in the sessions. Before the 6-week review, the therapist will review the work with the client first and request permission on what they are comfortable with sharing.

They will also be made aware that Carmel will be may to bring the images and speak about them in her Supervision. Supervision is a safe environment where any reference to the client is anonymised, it’s important that all practicing therapists have regular supervision. Art images will be stored in a secure location until the end of the therapy where they can be taken by the client if wanted.

You can self refer you or refer your child directly for sessions with me. You do not need a referral through your GP or other body such as school, Tulsa or CAHMS

Contact me

Please contact me on arttherapybycarmelbehan@gmail.com

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