I can honestly say that Inktober has had a huge positive effect on me. I have created more art in the last two weeks than i have in ages! Well more drawings that is… There is something about “HAVING” to do something each day that seems to give me more structure. I am a procrastination queen so I really do benefit from structure haha.

Can I also say I am in love with Procreate. I am learning so much with each drawing. I have done two fairly intense caricature drawings – one drawing with 14 people and one with four and the detail I can achieve in procreate is amazing! I am buzzing. This does mean tho that my love of colour did start to creep back in… i did seem to be doing mostly black ink style but whoooppppssiieeee Miss Paint the Rainbow here got caught up in colour… Do you rather my black ones or colour? Let me know!

As always keep an eye on the South Tipperary Arts Centre for Inktober tipperary activities and look up the hastag #inktobertipperary to follow all the artists sketches on Instagram.. they are amazing!

For this weeks ones I did play big artistic licence with the prompts. What pieces are your fav? You can tell i spent longer on some than others! haha I hope you are enjoying inktober, let me know how your drawings are going!

Follow me on SM @artbycarmelbehan to find out more about the story behind each drawing, anxiety to pollination to lovers haha


Carmel x


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