Hey everyone

Its been a very eventful 2 months. Last month, my awesome Dad Martin died. He got sick really suddenly and within a few weeks the devil that is pancreatic cancer had taken him at the way to young age of 65. It really is a silent killer often you barely know you have symptoms until its too much. It is only since Dad passed from it that I’ve heard how much it has snuck up on others.

Any of you that collected pieces from me regularly would have met him. He was always pottering around gardening or he was there as my unofficial secretary. I am so grateful to those of you that got in touch and my customers who let me know that I was under no pressure to get orders ready. To say that we are all devastated is an understatement. With every day that passes the shock is wearing off and its all becoming just that little bit too real.

Why a bee tattoo? Well, my Dad was  one of main man in Clonmel Tidy Towns.. he had us all brainwashed about biodiversity and how great our little pollinators are here in Clonmel. I had always joked with him that I was gonna get a bee tattoo for him this year.. though it most definitely was not meant to be a memorial tattoo. (to even type that is still extremely surreal!!)

The Sunday, a few days after dad passed I messaged Clonmel Ink to see about calling in to arrange a tattoo. They messaged back to say they had a free spot the next morning. It had taken me 35 years to get my first tattoo, a cherry blossom… was I really about to get my second one in a day! Ammmm…Yes!

You know I love to draw on my procreate so in my panic that I could end up with anything on me…off I went drawing exactly what bee I had in my mind.. thinking they might base it off that. But, what they actually did, was print off my design and transfer it to my wrist. It makes it even more special that its my actual design on my wrist.

My most ask question was “did it hurt?”… nope, i don’t think it was too bad but this tattoo is small enough compared to the big ones most people get. To be honest I found threading sorer haha.

I think Dad would be happy out with the result… though id still never be able to get a nose ring eh Dad?? haha Maybe he is too busy gardening now to care eh 🙂

Thank you again for all your support in this awful time.


Carmel xx


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